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B.A. FAIL (2016) Bhojpuri Hot Movie HD | Payal Kotangale, Anjel Thakur | New Bhojpuri Film HD (2016)

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Plot - The story revolves around 3 girls in the fashion industry and bhojpuri. The heroine wants to fail in her college and never get a bachelor's degree because if she graduated her parents would get her groom with strength and her dream of being an actress would remain a dream. So she decides to be a failure and continue to study, to get time for her luck in bhojpuri.


As she tried for her luck, she badly misused and was trapped in CASTING COUCH. Watch the movie to find out how it comes out of it and how it takes the revenge of these men and save the other girls.

Cast and Crew of Bhojpuri Hot Movie B.A. Fail 2016

Movie - B.A.Fail (New Bhojpuri Hot Movie)
Star Cast - Payal Kotangale, Anjel Thakur, Sarita Kesarwani, Raju Shreshtha, Ankush Mohit, Irfan Khan, Amit Bhargav, Sandeep Wadhwa, Tilak baba, Happy Singh, Manoj Kaushik, Pankaj Chatwal, Gulshan Pandey, Leena Gahlot, Shalu Singh
Camera - Om Mishra
Music - Vishnu Sen
Dance - Feroz Khan
Art - Suryabhan
Background - Dheeraj Sen
Co-Producer - Sandeep Wadhwa
Producer - Inder Chatwal
Director - Harvinder Pal
Presenter - T.C. Jain

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